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It takes approximately two hours and 40 minutes to convert a full stack of Coal to Coal Coke. Each time a coal is burned to produce a Coal Coke, mB half a bucket of Creosote Oil will be produced.

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Creosote Oil on top of Wool on top of a Stick makes six torches instead of 4, and you can automate this process with a Forestry Carpenter, if you either transfer the creosote in cans from a bottler, or just directly via fluid conduit. SO, not only do you get to turn your coal into coke so that it burns twice as long, but you STILL get to make torches out of the by-product.. If you are thinking of using creosote oil to run a fully sized liquid powered High Pressure Boiler at maximum heat, one would need 30 coke ovens to keep the boiler filled up with Creosote Oil all the time because the boiler uses one bucket mB every To produce a bucket every The large amount of resources required coke oven bricks makes this a very expensive yet powerful setup.

You can make 20 coke ovens with two managed tree farms and pipe all the wood into the coke ovens and then pump the charcoal into a solid fueled box boiler while using 2 semifluid generators to burn off the creosote in case you don't want to build coke ovens.

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Since the Coke Oven does not explicitly output fluid, the Immersive Engineering pump must be placed directly against the Coke Oven. The side of the pump facing away from the Coke Oven can be hammered with an Engineer's Hammer to output and hammered while sneaking to configure the inaccessible opposite side to accept input. The pump does not need to be powered but requires a Redstone signal.

Sign In. From Feed The Beast Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. This page is about the Coke Oven added by Immersive Engineering. For other uses, see Coke Oven. This concerns a combined coking furnace servicing machine for pressing the coke out and for filling the coke coals. To be able to move the coking furnace servicing machine along the front of the furnace chamber, the latter is mounted on rails along the long axis of the block; the head of the pusher has a water-cooled cooling facility to prevent damage and delay owing to the considerable heat of the ejected material and the temperature within the furnace chamber.

Filling the empty furnace chamber takes place by means of an endless conveyor as loading conveyor allocation conveyor.

Even with this device, the conveyor discharge is constructed in such a way that it can be set into the furnace chamber of the coking furnace in the manner of a telescope. The time interval and the degree of opening of the furnace doors have a disadvantageous action in several respects in connection with the necessary coking temperatures. First, the furnace chamber cools down very quickly, which once again demands energy and time to bring it up to the coking temperature, and second, all machine parts, even such of the conveyor belt system, are subject to very high wear and tear as a result of the high temperature in a still hot furnace chamber, especially in the initial phase.

This brings frequent and cost-intensive maintenance and repair costs along with it, and moreover leads to furnace standstill times during which coke production is at rest. The object of the invention is to indicate a process and an associated stamping device which offer the possibility of introducing coke coal cakes produced edgewise with the aid of a stamping technique lying flat into a furnace chamber while avoiding all of the previously mentioned disadvantages if possible.

The object is accomplished in that a coke coal cake is stamped with low cake height and large cake base surface in a familiar manner in edgewise arrangement in a stamp die. Thereafter, the cake remaining in the stamp die is brought into a position by a tipping device mounted suitably for functioning on the stamp die in which the coke coal cake which has not yet been removed from the die is introduced in a manner suited for positioning into the furnace chamber, removed from the die in this and deposited on the furnace base.

For this, the stamping device is constructed such that a tipping and holding device is connected to the stamp die. This is further configured advantageously if a setting base is arranged in the tipping and holding device such that this is in its respective position part of the stamp die and of the setting base at the same time.

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This process proves to be very economical and user-friendly if castors are arranged in the tipping device guiding and supporting the setting base, and the tipping device is driven by telescoping cylinders or other drive components. The two FIGS. Here the stamping device is constructed so that the front closure 4 of the stamp die is formed by a closure sheet 4 fastened on the fixed stamp die wall 5 which comes out of engagement when the coal cake 1 is swung out, or the front closure 4 of the stamp die is held firm by a movable trap door which is mounted on the tipping and holding device 3 and serves as setting base support, while the setting base 2 is introduced into the furnace chamber in the positioning attitude.

Furthermore, the rear closure 6 of the stamp die is formed by a device which forms a stable closure of the stamp die during the stamping process by locking 7 and after attaining the positioning attitude on castors 17 , comes to a stop and forms the setting stand 6.

The setting base 2 is constructed with at least two racks 14 which engage with driving pinions 15 which are arranged on a shafting The racks 14 are moreover constructed under the setting base 2 so that they can at the same time also serve as skids. The stamping device possesses a stamping facility above the stamp die with several stamper cars 9 which are set up on rails 10 which are arranged crosswise toward the stamp die.

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The construction of the stamping device furthermore entails that the stamping facility consists of individually movable stamper cars 9 which are not coupled into a train each of can independently be moved back and forth by conveying drives and thus cover the entire breadth of the coke coal cake. It should be stressed regarding the mode of action of the facility that the front closure sheet 4 can be a component of the fixed holding construction 5 , or can also be mounted on the tipping device 3 and consequently serves as a bridge trap door for the setting base 2.

The rear closure sheet forms the setting stand 6. The setting stand thereby lies on its side and is fixed in this position over the locking devices 7. The coke coal charging takes place gradually through push feeders 8 or other feeding devices. The stamper cars of the stamping facility 9 stand contrary to known applications not on rails arranged along the stamp die, but each stamper car has its own rails tracks 10 which are arranged across the stamp die.

Through this it is possible to move the stamper cars back and forth in a crosswise direction while stamping the coke coal cake with rail shunters Consequently, stamping broad coke coal cakes is possible.

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The process is configured such that after the coke coal cake 1 is stamped, the tipping device 12 is unlocked and tips the latter with the setting base 2 and the coke coal cake laterally downward. The drive for the tipping and holding device 3 takes place in this connection for example by telescoping cylinders 13 or other drives. When swinging the tipping device 3 away, the teeth of the racks 14 which are installed under the setting base 2 now engage with the tooth gaps of the drive pinions The setting base 2 lies on the castors 16 which are mounted on the tipping device 3.

The setting stand 6 now stands on its traveling wheels The front closure sheet 4 is out of engagement owing to swinging away the coal cake or is swung down in the downswing version and now serves as a bridge trap door 4 for the setting base 2. The coke coal cake is introduced into the furnace chamber in a known manner: Floor with coke coal cake 1 and setting stand 6 into the furnace chamber-setting stand 6 locked-base back-setting stand 6 unlocked-setting base 2 with setting stand 6 back into the machine After the setting base 2 is moved back with the setting stand 6 into the machine 18 , the setting base with the setting stand is brought into the initial stamping position by the tipping device 3.

Effective date : Year of fee payment : 4.

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Year of fee payment : 8. The aim of the invention is to provide a method and a stamping device which is affiliated with said method.

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Using known economical stamping techniques, the stamping device permits coke coal cakes which are produced in an edgewise manner to be inserted into a coking furnace in a manner suited for positioning, i. To this end, a coke coal cake 1 having a small cake height and a large cake base surface is stamped inside a stamp die in an edgewise arrangement while using known techniques. Afterwards, the coke coal cake 1 remains in the stamp die and is placed in a position by a tipping and holding device 3 which is placed on the stamp die and which is suited for carrying out functions.

In said position, the coke coal cake 1 which has not yet been removed from the die is inserted into the furnace chamber, is removed from the die therein, and is placed on the furnace base.