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The other belief, which is rarely ever heard in the hubbub, is that the construction of a series of essays, or longer-term assessments, that are redrafted after the teacher has commented on them, is a spectacularly effective way of teaching students how to perform complex learning tasks while, at the same time, receiving expert guidance as to how they might improve. Furthermore, the process of writing involves going over it, redrafting, editing; and in asking students to take their work though three drafts on a high stakes assignment, we are really modelling for them how the professionals do things.

This narrative is no longer told, as it has suited the current administration to believe the partial truth that the gaming of coursework to improve results has caused a lowering of standards that adversely affects the right of children in elite institutions to be seen as intellectually superior to their state school counterparts. The results of this will be large-scale collapses in grades in all kinds of institutions, children learning less, being less skilled writers and mathematicians and thousands of perfectly decent and competent teachers and managers finding their livelihoods at risk.

It has a lot to be said for it, coursework.

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Home Part-time. Part-Time Study Belfast Met is all about making it easy for you to learn, with a huge choice of part-time courses that let you combine study with work, family and other commitments. Browse Part-time Course Subjects. Related pages for part-time courses How to Enrol.

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Levels of Study. Look at the impact of social influence on people: why do people conform and why do some resist authority?

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Study theories about psychopathy and understand different options for treatment. This fascinating course enables you to develop your knowledge of psychology, skills such as investigation and research, and how to analyse and present results. These qualifications are distinct from the Access to Higher Education Diploma and require a separate application. Come and learn in a supportive and informal environment with an experienced tutor who can show you how maths can be fun and accessible by relating to your everyday life. Join a friendly group of adult students and build your English language skills in a supportive environment.

Develop your ability to write both creative and non-fiction texts, and to read and understand them. You also learn how to enhance your speaking and listening skills.

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This course leads to a nationally recognised qualification that can help open doors to further opportunities in education and employment. To view subtitles for these videos, please watch in full screen mode. After leaving school with no qualifications, Kate enrolled on an Access Diploma and went on to a Master's Degree.

Not having the qualifications to go to university, Muyunda found the Access Diploma was an excellent stepping stone. Feeling unsatisfied in his job, Tom decided to do something about it and signed up to the Access Diploma. The Access to Higher Education Diploma is designed for adults and focuses on coursework rather than exams.

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Helpful tutors, inspiring sessions and regular guidance are designed to help you reach your full potential. You can study a range of subjects, including Psychology, Sociology, Creative Writing and English literature. You also gain skills in research, essay-writing and presentations. The Diploma is a part-time course. You are required to take at least three subject modules spread over two years to complete the qualification.

In exceptional circumstances, following discussion with the programme manager, you may be able to 'fast-track' and complete all three subjects in one year.

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  5. All subjects run from September to July and have breaks in line with Hartsdown Academy holidays. You will have a qualification that enables you to apply to university to study subjects such as social sciences, criminal justice studies, law, social work, art or English. In addition, you will have developed skills, such as giving presentations, which are useful for a range of different career opportunities.

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    There is a small fee for exam registration and administration. Fees are subject to final confirmation but all applicants will be informed of any change before enrolment. Please note, fees are non-refundable. For an informal conversation about the different subjects and opportunities that the diploma can give you either email adultlearning kent.