Qualitative Research in Management: Methods and Experiences

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When to use qualitative research

Like with in-depth interviews, digital recorders either audio or video are a great way to record data during FGDs. Looking to conduct an FGD? Keep reading for more information on how to make it successful.

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Usually, overt observations are preferable, because observing people without their knowledge or permission can raise ethical problems. Covert vs. Learn more about each type here. For overt observation, informed consent must be obtained from participants before any observational data is gathered. The research questions or processes being observed must be well structured — that is, the parameters to be observed must be clearly defined.

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Selecting specific focus areas or questions helps make the collected data more accurate and relevant to the research question. In addition, it is critical that to schedule observations so they overlap with whatever is being observed. This requires advance planning. Observers must be well-trained on the data collection process, and must be focused on producing effective, useful and unbiased insights. Observers can be the researchers themselves, or researchers can train other people such as students, interns, research assistants or stakeholders to act as observers.

The right data collection technique depends on what information is being collected. Here are a few ways to collect data through observation. Using digital tools such as a data collection app, tape recorder, laptop, camera, or video camera can make it much easier and quicker to collect observational data.

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Planning to do observations? Learn more about when and how to collect observational data.

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Qualitative research is one of the best tools to identify behaviors and patterns governing social conditions. It goes a step beyond quantitative data by providing the reasons and rationale behind a phenomenon, which often cannot be explored quantitatively. The qualitative research methods above in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and observation are most commonly used for collecting qualitative data. However, lesser-known qualitative research methods include literature and document review of existing material on the research topic.

These can be helpful for identifying if the research questions have been partly or fully answered in the past.

Qualitative and Quantitative research in hindi - HMI series

Qualitative research helps in capturing data from hidden place but the researchers should have extensive knowledge on the issues to be investigated and skills on keeping the discussion interesting for both respondents and researchers. The information is very important for the researchers.

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Taking qualitative methods in organization and management research seriously | Emerald Insight

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Qualitative Research: Definition, Types, Methods and Examples

Skip to main content. Download flyer Recommend to Library. Description Contents Reviews Preview This book is the first of its kind on qualitative research in management in the Indian context. Anil Khandelwal. Mithileshwar Jha. Jai B.